Weekend Links

lamp bar sketches weekend links

This has been an odd week, of rescheduling then un-scheduling, hence, busy for no reason in the end. Makes you really appreciate people with concrete answers, directions, over the ones that can’t make decisions.

Tech: Building the perfect laptop(Lenovo x300). Great read on the process and obstacles.
Odd: Expensive High Heels without the heel!
Neat: How to be unidentified by a camera using an invisible light.
Cool: Self-Healing Rubber…Kind of like Silly Putty.
Music: FiddleFoxx…a fast paced fiddle crew with a beat boxer!
Video: How people from different nations count cash. How do you count your cash?
Fashion: Project Runways fashion walks during Fashion Week.
Nature: One crazy swimming pool location over Victoria Falls, with video.
Art: One HUGE panoramic image of London.
Music Video: Making music from 2 iphone and one DS.

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