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Weekend Links Frost designverb
Cool image above here.
Weekend thought: Why do corporations seem to work slower than smaller firms. More people= more help, or more people= more hassle?

– Fun: Wall closet: Throw your cloths on a wall of hooks!
– Fun video: Another great home made Daft Punk video.
– Odd: a man’s skin turns Blue!
– Video Hack: Unlock a car door with a tennis ball.
– Site: iKlimt, A great site dedicated to one of my artist, Gustav Klimt.
– Apple: the very blogged about Apple Air notebook. I’m kind of disappointed, but very impressed with the risk taken. Gizmodo discussions.

3 Responses to “Weekend Links”

  1. ethan estes Says:

    re:corporation slowness

    a camel is a horse designed by committee..

  2. Elliot Says:

    I have found that almost no amount of air pressure will unlock any car door. So… the tennis ball definitely doesn’t work.

  3. tango! Says:

    I’ll have to give the tennis ball a try out… th video makes senses, but then again, it might just be a setup or specific car. thanks for the note

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