Ben Underwood: Seeing Through Sound!

Ben Underwood had his eyes removed at the age of 3 due to cancer. Overtime, he’s taught himself to see objects in space by using “echo location” to navigate the world around him.

Simply amazing and inspirational! It makes me wonder about what us as humans are actually capable of. How acute can our senses be, what is our potential, how can these elements be unlocked? (this phenomenon also reminds me of Phantom Limbs;feeling and controlling limbs that no longer exists! TEDtalk Video lecture by Vilayanur Ramachandran)

Seeing instances likes Ben makes me want to dive back into my fascination with synesthesia; the ability to use one sense though a secondary sense… or as I called it back in college, Cross Sensing.

All 5 videos of Ben after the jump, including the phantom Limb lecture.
(thanks v)

Ben Underwood Part 1/5.

Ben Underwood Part 2/5.

Ben Underwood Part 3/5.

Ben Underwood Part 4/5.

Ben Underwood Part 5/5.

Phantom Limb lecture by Vilayanur Ramachandran at TED2007.

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  1. tango! Says:

    thanks ammre… I was about to post on another person that is a genius at the piano yet only at the piano. I’ll post it when i get home later tonight.
    thanks for the link..i’ll check it out!

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