Changing the Present Gifts

Changing the

Tis the season to be buying and buying and buying for family and friends surrounding us all. Over time we consume hundreds if not thousands of gifts we cherish, use, and dispose of eventually. Over this same time our obsession with consuming becomes apparent and finding something special is hard to come by if not tiring.

Have you ever wondered if your gift ever got used? These are natural questions; “Did I give something useful, did they watch those DVD’s, did they eat those cookies, did they wear that sweater, did they use that tool set, is my gift buried in their closet or hidden in their garage somewhere?

I’ll admit I have several gifts buried in no mans land, so to level up a gift to be consumed, buy a gift “to give!” A gift to make change, to give hope, create jobs, save lives, to change behavior, and a story to follow.

“In the next few weeks, we’ll all be spending $100 BILLION on gifts. Unfortunately, some of that money will be wasted on things like unwanted fruit cakes and slippers. . .

Now, there’s an exciting alternative! Please check out our new look.

At you can give donation gifts, which help make the world a better place. It’s amazing what your gifts can accomplish: preserve an acre of the wilderness; fund an hour of life-saving cancer research; or even provide a child with her first book, so she can learn how to read.

With over 1,000 gifts, from $2 to $5,000, from hundreds of leading nonprofits, it’s easy to find an inspiring gift for everyone on your list. You can even send a personalized greeting card, with a picture and description of your gift, right from the site.

Just imagine the impact we can make together as this new kind of giving catches on! Please help by sharing this email with your friends.”

Scroll through their list of wonderful gifts ideas here.(thanks Robert)

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  1. Linnea Noreen Says:

    Another option is – we offer Charity Gift Cards where the recipient of your “gift” can select the charity to support. We have culled a list of over 200 nonprofits to choose from, all are highly ranked on Charity Navigator and listed on –

    Thanks for the great ideas!

    -Linnea, Managing Director @

  2. tango! Says:

    thanks linnea!

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