Michal Tatarkiewicz’s Subway Drawings

Michal Tatarkiewiczs subway drawings

I’m diggin Michal Tatarkiewicz’s Subway Drawings. It reminds me of my room and desk… plastered full of sketches on every corner! If your a designer or artists, pin those sketches up; the rough, unfinished, drafts, doodles, refined,…seriously, it’s great to see sketches all over the place, or in Michal’s instant in large format! I’ve been to a few restaurants where they give ya a bunch of crayons and an entire table to sketch on… after some time, they post them all up on their walls. Makes for a great environment…napkin sketches at their best.

via WoosterCollective
A bunch more pics on his myspace page.

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  1. Kero Says:

    wow thats amazing

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