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  1. 9 years of art classes, and now I sit around all day making all text forms in indesign, while sneaking glances at your posts.

    I miss school.

  2. yes, school rocked, because we had no reason to create, we just created! I wished the real world was a bit more like this…where creativity king over money…it’s slowly evloving to this…but for now, it’s making money, missing school, and ranting out my little finds and thoughts on a blog for fun, being creative, and sharing the love πŸ˜‰ (while not making any money for it)

  3. I’m a senior in high school and I just like to say thanks so much of the words of wisdom! Sadly I missed the Portfolio Day in our area this year but it great to know what people are looking for next year’s.

  4. sarah,
    glad to hear this post made it to some high school students cause it doesnt do much good for peeps already out of school. πŸ˜‰

    Please pass it around to ALL your art friends around school or your teachers to pass around for years to come!

    Best of luck…send some comments if you have any q’s about your own work.

  5. Posts like this make me realize (again) how little direction I had coming out of high school and how much I would’ve loved going to a school like RISD. I’m one of those unfortunate souls that is interested in pretty much everything though, so after RISD I’d still have an unquenched yearning for all the stuff I ended up studying. If only I could just go back to school again and again and again.

  6. Ben,

    heya, RISD+other schools have Continuing Education programs wherever you might be located.
    Interested in everything…ahh, as you can see from my blog, I am the same…
    Just keep at it, perhaps start your own blog about what keeps you inspired, what yoru intersted in, etc…and someone will contact you about what you like… Blogs are free. just need a computer w/net access and some time to documents all yoru finds. πŸ˜‰ do it!

  7. GREAT post Tango. This really sums up most of the things we end up saying (about 40 times in a day) as the hopeful souls file through.

    Every time I help out at portfolio review day it brings me back to the good old days of RISD – so much excitement, so much fresh energy! It’s important to keep that going throughout life – keep mixing it up, stay inspired and curious and always keep searching for designverbs!

  8. “Don’t draw using pictures” as in dont draw from like photographs taken? Im a bit confused. Meaning they want things that are drawn based on real stuff instead of photographs taken of them? Im not from united states (living somewhere else) and i’m wondering how i should submit a portfolio. Do i mail it to them or go over to them or just take photographs of the works and submit online?

  9. riley, if you draw looking at a photo, your are simply copying what you see. If you draw from real life, you are learning to draw instead of copy.

    As for submission, I’d go to a specific school website to see how they prefer you to submit your portfolio.

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  11. HI,

    I’m a volunteer mom at a Bay Area HIgh School. We’d like to promote the Portfolio Day coming to San Francisco next year. Is it possible for us to use one of the photos from this web site to illustrate the post? If so, will you link me?

    Also, I’m trying to help put together a work shop to educate our high school art students about how they can go about compiling an electronic portfolio. Any thoughts on how those are viewed by art schools?

    Thanks for you help!

    • heya!
      Sure, use any of my images.
      electronic portfolios are a bit newer to me…if just a simple gallery, they can you any basic blog, tumblr, or the hundreds of free web templates out there.
      As for work, i’d stray away from digital work…most school look for essential skills first…..hand drawing, observation, then imagination….

  12. HI!
    I’m a student preparing for RISD. Thanks for all the tips you’ve written, it’s a great help! I’ve been working on my portfolios lately but I’m not quite sure I’m going on a right track with my works and I don’t anyone near me who works in art field. also since I don’t live US, I might not be able to go to portfolios reviews coming up. I’m working based on your tips (drawing from what I see, etc) but I thought it might be nice if I had someone who could give me tips from time to time or tell me if I’m going the wrong way!

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