Hussein Chalayan: Morphing Clothing

Wow! Hussein Chalayan’s Spring/Summer 07 Collection presents some seriously cool morphing clothing! Watch the video above, or watch it over at Gizmodo here. (NSFW: some nudity towards end)

I’ve seen my share of mechanical transforming outfits before, but most have all turned out robotic-like and seemingly uncomfortable on women. Hussein somehow makes these transitions smoothly and gentle, like a ghost peeling away at the models. The designs are very nice and morph for extra “wow” points. Call it fish strings, Nickel Titanium, some other memory alloy, or plan magic, I love it!

I want an outfit that morphs the fabrics pore sizes as my body temp changes after a run, though I think there are smart nano materials that do this already. Or maybe an outfit that’s connected to the internet that changes shape based on the NASDAQ or weather…. okie, I’m getting a bit geeky now.

I’ve posted the a longer version of the Catwalk and more about Hussein after the jump, with interviews and another spectacular soft LED dress thats pretty sweet!
(3 videos after the jump)

(note: the embedded videos may play 30 seconds advertisements before the main videos…sorrie, I dunno how to take them out)

Fall 2007 Collection (has the morphing clothing, LED dress, and more)

Spring 2007 Collection

Fall 2006 Collection

Videos via with some other video and photo galleries

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