iPod Touch

ipod touch

Okieee… I’m finally starting to like this now… the sleek iPhone without the phone (service fees). Meet the awesome “iPod touch“. I’m seduced!

Also, their flurry of other iPod updates, including the nano (phatty)iPod which was leaked many weeks ago.

7 Responses to “iPod Touch”

  1. kacie Says:

    it sure is beautiful! but only 16GB? i’ll wait till they drop the second generation with a lot more gigs.

  2. tango! Says:

    hehe…yeah 16 gigs of Flash at least, hence no moving parts, less heat, and more battery life… 16’s fine for me..but yeah, it’ll dbl in 6 months I’m sure.

  3. bigevent Says:

    I would rather go with classic.. and I would rather have a lunch with you next week.. if you know what I mean… 🙂
    I will call you as soon as I get my number..
    See you man..

  4. tango! Says:

    joe, what day do you get back in town?

  5. TOMAS Says:

    I’m finally starting to like this now…

    See, Apple isn’t that bad 🙂

  6. tango! Says:

    Tomas! haha…I’ve always loved apple, but I just use a PC cause I need to…

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