Weekend links!

– Proof Aquafina and Dasani water is just local tap water!
– Super high res image of downtown boston via neatorama.
– IDSA Okala EcoDesign Guide.
Naoto Fukasawa’s project on how materials make a huge difference.
Dippy Egg set.. makes ya want eggs and toast!

– Tech guru GigaOm launches The GigaOm Show! The first episode was a great interview with co-founder James Hong of HotorNot, and CEO Bill Watkins of Seagate.
SoundBall! Pretty cool! Reminds me of Mario Brother in Reality! Watch the video!
– Double sided toothbrushes (brush your gums while brushing your teeth)(The Colgate 360 or the Reach Fresh & Clean) I think i saw this as a student project many years ago…great design!
Underwater Pool Installation! Fun fun! via Hemmey.

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