Spin N’ Snap Camera Concept

snap n spin sony camera concept

Sony just showed off a series of pretty sweet concept ideas on environmentally friendly sustainable electronics in Japan.”One of the more interesting devices of the lot is the Spin N’ Snap digital camera (pictured above), which you charge up simply by placing your fingers in the two holes (which also double as a viewfinder) and spinning it around a few times.”

Check out the pictures via Engadget or the whole article via DigitalCamerWatch.

Personally I love kinetic powering ideas though it’ll take more than one twist to take a picture most likely. We already have the hand-cranking 100$ OLPC laptop, so why not have a minority report like fling-charging camera. I’d buy one.

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  1. tango! Says:

    Sustainable, cheap and cool…for sure…the only problem is that we humans are too impatient to stand still for a solid 10 seconds hence all the pictures would be fuzzy….might be cool to get one in a night club and see a wave of people become ribbons of light.

  2. michael greene Says:

    The OLPC hasn’t been hand-crank for awhile.

  3. tango! Says:

    michael…ahh, yeah, i forgot they got rid of the hand crank though I think they needed it again….their using solar now right?
    I forget who made the hand crank design….Design Continuum I think….then when the design was passed along to Yves Behar or fuseproject it changed up some…

  4. Michelle Says:

    Tango, thanks for posting my project. The ODO line of products are geared for kids. Kids have a lot of energy, why don’t we capture their energy to power their products and provide awareness. Created for Kids, Creating the Future!

  5. tango! Says:

    michelle k? is that you..omg, where are you these days?!?@!? (I’m assuming this is the michelle I helped in NJ to dig her car out of the 5 feet of snow! Good times!

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