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all things digital d5 conference bill gates steve jobs
If you missed out on the huge All Things Digital conference(D5) this week check out the highlight videos on their new website including many clips of the highly anticipated Steve Jobs with Bill Gates side by side discussions. Go to and click on the “D5” tab in the videos section for this past years videos and get your geek on!!!

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  1. TOMAS Says:

    How strange, I just watched a 3-hour special on Discovery Science entitled “Triumph of the Nerds (circa 1995)” which featured some interesting/critical comments from Steve Jobs regarding Microsoft – then to see them back on stage again more than 10 years later actually laughing is a trip. They are definitely fierce competitors plenty of conflict between them, but man have they changed the face of personal computing.

  2. tango! Says:

    yea, it was a pretty good gathering though not too much mud slinging from the videos i watched. Both are pioneers and both are shakers. It’s good they are competitors, but both would not exisit without the other. There always has to be a bad to make the good look good….though Im not sure whos the bad or good 😉

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