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  1. yeah, I’m not sure if they will rebraodcast the first few episodes from previous weeks, but a little bird has infomred me tht they are in talks wiht online video sources such as google video, youtube, etc to make them available online…looke at ABC.com and nbc.com …you can watch any of their shows online now 1-2 days after they are broadcast… 😉

  2. I finally caught a few episodes of the show and guess what…it’s really good…no competition, just good ole thinking and documenting incredible jounrnies while being educationla at the same time. REAL IDEAS that are making it into the market…

  3. I agree – I’ve set the DVR to record any new episodes and the fiancé and I have watched 3 episodes so far. It’s really interesting to see how all the parts (idea, industrial design, engineering, marketing) come together to form a product. I’m definitely hoping to catch the next season. My favorites from the bunch were Pressix, Vicious Tools – Murtaugh (sp?), Archivo, & Beffudlum (sp?).

  4. for sure, …i’ve only seen 2 episodes, but will catch up hopefully this weekend. Their webpage just released a partB for the first season, hence there are over 20 invnetions worked on this yr, and next yr will be amazing as well 😉

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