StoryCorps is a national project to instruct and inspire people to record one another’s stories in sound.

StoryCorps celebrates our shared humanity and collective identity. It captures and defines the stories that bond us. The process of interviewing a friend, neighbor, or family member can have a profound impact on both the interviewer and the storyteller. People change, friendships grow, families walk away feeling closer and understanding each other better. Listening, after all, is an act of love.

A StoryCorps interview is an opportunity to ask the questions that never get asked because the occasion never arises. How did you come to this country? How did you and mom meet? How did Uncle Harry get the nickname “Twinkles”?”

StoryCorps is a captivating project by design studio LocalProjects with recordings from everyday people ranging from friendships, relationships, struggles, identity, heroes, disasters, work, and various other personal experiences told by people like yourself.  I’ve listened to well over a dozen recordings and feel like I’ve journeyed around the country meeting everyday people with fascinating personal stories over a nice cup of coffee conversations.

Take a Listen, Participate, or learn more about StoryCorps here.

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