Washington DC

Washington DC trip 2007

I made a quick trip into Washington DC over the weekend and had a few hours to trek abouts the rather majestic, patriotic, and very beautiful landscape, though the kick-butt sunny weather helped out a bunch. I don’t have much to say since I only had 3 hours to walk around, but I’ll post some pics of the somewhat touristy areas I passed by after the jump…enjoy!(also a pic of the cool airport security machine that spits air at ya)(aboves the incredible subway system, the Metro)

Washington DC trip 2007

The Identity by Design exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian building….pretty sweet looking building…too bad they were closing when I got there.

Washington DC trip 2007

The United State’s Capital buidling….wow..this building is enormous, majestic, white, and cool. I sat in the front lawn while nearby bells rang for a few minutes. Very relaxing.

Washington DC trip 2007
The Washington Monument! You could see this towering monument from everywhere in the park. Ooookieee …at this point, I’m starting to feel a bit more patriotic for some reason….I also wanted to bust out a frisbee…but I didn’t have one, nor knew anyone to toss with….this park is HUGE….fribee would rock!

Washington DC trip 2007

The White house! It was a bit tough to see…and some smart remarks were made by the family next to me.

“kid(6 yrs old): dad, is the president in there?
dad: no he probably isn’t.
kid: why not?
dad: well, it’s sunday, and our president doesn’t really work much.
wife: giggles”.

Washington DC trip 2007
The remarkable Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This was an incredible site…it was my first time here…very powerful message though I’m not sure how the names are put in order.

Washington DC trip 2007
Finally…I made it to the(abe) Lincoln Memorial. What a site! What a view!

Washington DC trip 2007
Here’s the view from the top….No wonder he sits there for so long…I probably sat there for a good 45 minutes observing the landscape. Very soothing peaceful spot.

Washington DC trip 2007

The house of the Abe!
washington DC airport  IONSCAN SENTINEL II
Ahh, so while walking through to the security line at the airport at Reagon Airport, I noticed this big blue machine in one of the lines. The Smiths “IonScan Sentinel II“. There were two lines to go through…either the regular metal detectors, or this crazy looking thing…so I went to this line. I think everyone went to this line hoping to experience it.

It was pretty simple, they asked you to walk in, put your feet on the yellow footprints, and poof, piff, poof, beep! Within 2 seconds a bunch of little air valves shot air zooka like air balls at you at all angles then sniffed you for another 3 seconds I guess. After that, a security person would ask you to exit. I’m not sure what to think, but it felt like a bunch of mini ghost punching me for a few seconds…it’s a bit more time consuming, but hey, something new is always fun.

To read more about this new sniffer, scanner, or whatever it does go here.

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