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The sensational PopTech Conference I attended last October just launched their new PopCasts website with several of their amazing lectures from the 2006 event.

The above MUST watch video is an astonishing and inspirational highlight from the 2005 conference of Jesse Sullivan & Todd Kuiken presenting the world’s first non-fictional bionic man maneuvers of his prosthetic arm using only his mind. (Don’t ignore me…watch it!)

Watch the rest of the captivating videos after the jump!

Rodrigo Y GabrielaRodrigo Y Gabriela

The Mexican acoustic guitar duo sensation Rodrigo y Gabriela put fast fingers to strings for a performance that will put you on your feet and keep you moving. There’s no better way to say it: they rock!



Brian EnoBrian Eno

Musician, producer and artist Brian Eno shows how simple things can give rise to complex things—in art and life. See how he uses Darwin’s ecological model of the world as a roadmap for human culture now and in the future.



thoma friedmanThomas Friedman

You may know Tom Friedman as a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and author, but a fashionista?! Well, sort of. Tom purports that green is the new red, white and blue, and that our currentenergy crisis is like no other.



carolyn porcoCarolyn Porco
As leader of the Imaging Science Team on the Cassini mission to Saturn, Carolyn Porco brings to the Pop!Tech stage breathtaking images and stories of exploration and discovery that, by her own admission, make grown men cry.



Neil GershenfeldNeil Gershenfeld
Twenty minutes may not really be enough time to fully understand the implications of the so-called Fab Lab, invented by the director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms. But it’s a mind-blowing place to start!



Serena KoenigSerena Koenig
Dr. Serena Koenig, director of Haiti programs for Partners in Health, isn’t afraid to ask the searing questions, especially about global inequalities in health care. With a simple philosophy—equal lives deserve equal treatment—she addresses the dilemma head-on.



Thomas BarnettThomas Barnett
Strategist and expert on national security affairs Tom Barnett takes command and focuses in on the role of the United States in a geopolitical world of “core” and “gap” states. As you were, soldier.



Jesse Sullivan & Todd Kuiken Jesse Sullivan & Todd Kuiken

Don’t miss the “it” moment from Pop!Tech 2005, as the world’s first non-fictional bionic man maneuvers his prosthetic arm using only his mind. Jesse Sullivan and his doctor, Todd Kuiken, move every heart in the room with indomitable spirit and astonishing bionics.



Juan EnriquezJuan Enriquez
The stars and stripes forever? Futurist and author Juan Enriquez isn’t sure of that. He cites a long history of borders, countries and flags that have changed, and warns the United States isn’t immune.



Reggie WattsReggie Watts
Hop on board. Writer, composer, musician and comedian extraordinaire Reggie Watts leads a musical trip that’ll get (and keep) you movin’.



Zinhle ThabetheZinhle Thabethe
Zinhle Thabethe has faced the prospect of her own death. Her personal stories about survival and family loss reflect a nation’s epidemic in a sobering and inspirational wake-up call.



Sinikithemba ChoirSinikithemba Choir
Prepare to be moved … “Sinikithemba” is Zulu for “give us hope” or “we give hope.” This group of HIV-positive Zulu men and women who provide support to persons with HIV/AIDS at McCord Hospital in Durban shake down the house.



Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins believes science’s ability to admit ignorance is one of its greatest strengths. On the flip side, he proposes that faith remains arrogant and all too certain of its validity without any rational set of proofs.



Martin MartyMartin Marty
A foremost interpreter of religion and culture says we’re missing a rest-of-world perspective about faith. Martin Marty invites a broader definition of religion as well as a closer look at its meaning for the majority of the world.



Erin McKeanErin McKean
Self-proclaimed word geek Erin McKean, editor-in-chief of U.S. Dictionaries for Oxford University Press, is on a mission to debunk common misconceptions and elevate the use—and cool factor—of dictionaries. And what’s this about dictionaries being “the vodka of literature”?



Kent NicholsKent Nichols
What does the future of entertainment look like? Ask a ninja! Entertainer, tech geek and co-creator of AskaNinja.com, Kent Nichols, delivers his rules for phenomenal success in the Participation Economy.



Chris AndersonChris Anderson
What happens when material things become free? Long Tail author and Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson examines new models of wealth distribution and claims we’re moving from economies of scarcity to an age of abundance.



Marianne WeemsMarianne Weems
As artistic director of the New York-based performance and media ensemble The Builders Association, Marianne Weems shows us how she puts technology at center stage to extend the boundaries of contemporary theater.



Bunker RoyBunker Roy
Profound respect for collective wisdom and traditional skills permeate Bunker Roy’s tale of how his Barefoot College empowers local people to improve their communities by demystifying technology and recognizing the dignity of labor.



Theo JansenTheo Jansen
Blending the line between art and engineering, this Dutch visual artist creates “life” in the form of “animals” that walk the beach in the Netherlands, and, to the delight of Pop!Techers, the stage and streets of Camden, Maine.



Jonathan Coulton Jonathan Coulton
Code Monkey get up. Code Monkey go to job. Code Monkey have boring meeting. With boring manager Rob. Want more from singer/songwriter and Pop!Tech balladeer Jonathan Coulton? Download podcast, Monkey.



Marcia McNuttMarcia McNutt
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute director Marcia McNutt takes us on an amazing, otherworldly tour of the deep seas, the incomprehensible life still undiscovered there, and the full power and potential of our oceans.



Lester BrownLester Brown
Lester Brown, preeminent environmentalist and head of the Earth Policy Institute, warns that society is too dependent on fossil fuels, and consumption habits must change to maintain a healthy social, economic and environmental balance in the world.



Homaro CantuHomaro Cantu
Part mad scientist, part artist, chef Homaro Cantu pushes the traditional limits of known taste, texture and technique in a stunning futuristic fashion. With lab partner Ben Roche, Homaro slices and dices technology to reinvent the way people eat.



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