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  2. Very nice find _tango! I really found the entire presentation fascinating; I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Starbucks experience explained this way before. I’ll have to share this with my “Iced Decaf Triple Grande Vanilla Non-fat with whip Latte” sippin’ friends.


  3. for sure….this was a great dissection….then again, after the Black Gold trailer, i’m not sure what to think of coffee anymore.

  4. Well, keep in mind that there are people working through the Fair Trade organization that are trying to make a better living for all the coffee workers, so be sure to check out their efforts and individuals who truly support fair trade in all they buy and sell.


  5. Tomas, if you dig into the site you sent me, the pbs black gold…it mentions theses organizations getting paid off to cheat the statistics..etc. so…im not sure,,,another enron in the coffee world

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