Taste3 Conference: Bryant Simon

Here’s a wonderful and intriguing lecture during last years TASTE3 (wine, food, art) conference by Bryant Simon deconstructing the Starbucks brand experience. A great watch for any of ya’ll caffeine craving Starbucks addicts.

“Bryant Simon is professor of history and director of the American Studies program at Temple University in Philadelphia. Over the last year and half, he has visited over 300 Starbucks in eight countries and is currently working on a book to be published by Bloomsbury. This is not, however, just a study of Starbucks, but an exploration of American life both in the states and abroad in the 21st Century. His research explores the very desires of daily life as they are revealed on the comfy coaches and in the drive-thru of Starbucks. As he looks at what it means to consume Starbucks, he also investigates what Starbucks consumes of us รขโ‚ฌโ€œ our labor, our landscapes, and our politics.”

via TASTE3

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  1. bigevent Says:

    It was a good one.. : )

  2. tango! Says:

    yes, it was great, you should watch the other ones on the site. liek the one on Boris, the pig.

  3. designverb Says:

    […] _uacct = “UA-538422-1”; urchinTracker(); « Taste3 Conference: Bryant Simon […]

  4. TOMAS Says:

    Very nice find _tango! I really found the entire presentation fascinating; I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Starbucks experience explained this way before. I’ll have to share this with my “Iced Decaf Triple Grande Vanilla Non-fat with whip Latte” sippin’ friends.


  5. tango! Says:

    for sure….this was a great dissection….then again, after the Black Gold trailer, i’m not sure what to think of coffee anymore.

  6. TOMAS Says:

    Well, keep in mind that there are people working through the Fair Trade organization that are trying to make a better living for all the coffee workers, so be sure to check out their efforts and individuals who truly support fair trade in all they buy and sell.


  7. tango! Says:

    Tomas, if you dig into the site you sent me, the pbs black gold…it mentions theses organizations getting paid off to cheat the statistics..etc. so…im not sure,,,another enron in the coffee world

  8. TOMAS Says:

    I was totally unaware of that, send me that link you found if you get a chance.

  9. designverb - Taste3 2007: videos Says:

    […] OoooOoo, the tantalizing 2007 TASTE3 conference (Food, Wine, Art) just released a handful of lectures from this past years event here. For those who attended, I’m jealous, but for those unable to attend (me!) here’s a jump start to some awesome videos.(watch Bryant Simon from the TASTE3 2006 if your in the design, art, experience field) I’ll post all the videos that are up so far after the jump…after watching the videos, go register asap as ticket prices rise and sell out as nexts years conference nears! happy tasting!!! […]

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