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  1. Cool find _tango! (sorry for the late comment, I’m still catching up on a months worth of content on my feed reader) 🙂 Here’s something you might not know. The average head weights the equivalent of a 10 pound bowling ball, now imagine that 10 pound ball at the end of a 6″ long pole and what force it takes to keep it upright if it were to tip forward. Of course, your neck is freakishly strong but it still produces a slight strain. Plus, your back takes a beating being hunched over in front of a computer for so long. Anyway, awesome find!

  2. tomas…no problem on the lateness..i’ve been rather busy and havent had time to blog anything this week….then again, i havent found much this week.
    The head weight….yup, i know about it(infocommecials on pillows late at night explain this part) Otherwise, I need one of these gizmos since I use a laptop…a large screen would solve this problem to, but that $5k for a 30″ monitor will have to wait for now 😉

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