iRiver S10 Watch

iriver s10 mp3 watch

I don’t generally post on gadgets even though I love’m all, but during CES, one gadget that caught my attention was this slick iRiver music USB watch with bluetooth. I’m posting about it because it’s the first mp3 watch that I’ve seen thats pretty cool looking, especially with the USB locking portion(It also reminds me of the kick-butt ODM watch).
iRiver S10 images

iRiver s10 watch mp3

iRiver s10 watch mp3

iRiver s10 watch mp3

6 Responses to “iRiver S10 Watch”

  1. Eddric Says:

    Creative. Curious: do these have adjustable sizes?

  2. tango! Says:

    tomas,,,,,i did not see it hands on, but i did see it on the url before….i follow way tooooo many blogs 300+…wished I could be a full time blogger 😉 …and get paid.

  3. TOMAS Says:

    _tango!, with the content you put out here everyday, I wouldn’t see why you couldn’t become a full time blogger!


    I hear you about the time that’s invested in keeping up with many blogs. I only keep up with a relatively small percentage compared to the amount of blogs that you keep up with, and many times I have to rip myself away from the computer or else nothing would get done.

  4. Ivan Says:

    Where i can buy this watch . I cant found it anywhere not even in internet. Tx me back to my email

  5. eugen ndhlovu Says:

    can i still get this mp3 with the watch thing?
    if so where?

  6. Jabey Says:

    Were i can buy this iriver s10 watch here in Hongkong.

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