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POM juice teaI just treated myself to a refreshing glass of POM Juice Tea (Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea to be exact). Besides the zesty taste I’d like to point out the simple and sustainable container, which is shaped like a glass cup! Yup, it’s that simple. You pop off the top, and enjoy it like a fresh glass of juice. Better yet is that you can add it to your shelf for reuse. It’s a good thickness glass which I like more than most of the glass cups I have anyways. If your more of a herbs person, the cap pops back on airtight. Extra points for POM, their wonderful juices, and now their sweet sustainable glass containers!

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  1. Rob Poitras Says:

    The white peach tea is amazing. It is the best tea/juice blend I have ever had.

  2. Hank H. Says:

    Unfortunately, POM cruelly experiments on animals to test the virtues of pomegranate juice. Animal rights and humane advocates are asking for a boycott pf POM. Animal torture is not an admirable design verb.

    If one wants pomegranate juice or tea, there are other responsible pomegranate choices: Purely Juice, Odwalla, Naked Juice, Knudsen, etc.

  3. tango! Says:

    i never knew about this animal cruelty info and find it rather surprising…back to odwalla, naked, honest tea, etc..

  4. erin Says:

    sorry to hear about the animal testing issue. it puts a bit of a damper on my next comment:

    i love it! love it! love it! i spent the better part of the summer sucking these babies down and figuring out new uses for my ever-expanding collection of POM glasses. some made their way to the roofdeck and, once wrapped with snazzy paper, became wind-proof candle hurricanes. others hold pens in my office, others are assigned to an always ready arsenal of cold water glasses in my fridge… ‘cuz who wants to drink from a plastic bottle!

  5. Caden Says:

    After seeing this stuff on Designverb, I went out and bout one, and i must say these are really good! I’m still thinking of uses for the cup!

  6. designverb - Heineken World Bottle: Beer to Bricks! Says:

    […] Sweet goodness! What a great idea. Manufacturing Beer bottles to convert to brick structures for later use. This reminds me of the POM bottles that can be used as regular glass cups for home use. Why can’t this come back to reality! The amount of bottles tossed each year is absurd. Makes me want to ask photographer Chris Jordan to make a visual map of it for his “Running Numbers” series! (Did ya know in the USA alone we go through 106,000 aluminum cans every 30 seconds! It’s absurd!) There’s also the “66 Beer Bottle= a cheap solar water heater” direction. […]

  7. Kristn Says:

    I bought these last year for the one purpose of increasing my glass supply. Not only was it tasty, but now I have tons of glasses, too! Thumbs up!

  8. drew Says:

    to bad they stopped production of the glass container. i had like 40 of them at one point. make great cheap cups. i dont know about the animal cruelty thing but i do miss those damn cups

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