7 comments on “Justine Ashbee

  1. Buh yeah!!! RISD represent.. Lots of great talents coming out of RISD..

    Hopefully the Sports teams shine one day..
    – RISD Balls(basketball team)
    – RISD NADS (hockey)
    – RISD SACKS (soccer)
    – and a few more…. ooo, and our beloved mascot, scroty…i’ll let you figure out what he looks like.

  2. I forgot to mention our womens teams…
    Womens soccer: the Jugs, and they had another names which I should not type.

    Otherwise, if you think the mascot and names were great, check out the logos! https://www.risd.com/risd_store/team.cfm (a very two sphered inspiration)

    even the dean made a poster holding two basketballs at lower hip level if you can picture it!

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