3 comments on “Newspaper Monster!

  1. This is freakishly cool! It’s interesting how the piece becomes more or less scary depending on how far you’re standing away from it. The lighting also lends a cool effect to the texture of the newspaper edges; I wouldn’t mind having a few of these handy for Halloween. 🙂

  2. That was insane! Imagine if this technique could be applied to movie making? You would end up with a different movie experience depending on your distance from the movie screen. 🙂

  3. hmm, different movies based on your distance..hmm..
    I’ve been talking to some film buddies of mine about making a single movie with 3 screenings…meaning, same movie and same timespan, but from 3 perspectives….via, one from the cops perspective, one from the robbers, and one from the customers…maybe that a bad scenario, but you get the point.. Some say no one would dive into this movie type , but i get tired of movies that do split screens to show different perspectives in the US…in europe, movies end with no conclusion, as in the US, it must end with a conclusion, so, my question is, can each version have a conclusion, but watching other versions change your thoughts..

    wow, that was some mumbo jumbo typing..hopefully it made sense.

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