4 comments on “TED2007: Icons, Geniuses, and Mavericks

  1. Very cool! (Which reminds me, I need to add the TED Blog to my RSS reader). So Tango, any chance that you will be attending? (… or am I imagining that you attended in the past?)

  2. Yup, i’ve been there for the past 5 years!!! and I’m registered for this year though from my past experience, there are always surprises in my schedule….last year, I didnt think I could go until 12 hrs before it started…what a rush!
    Yes, add the ted blog to your rss….very good stuff.

  3. hey pedraum..yes, you’ll love TED..it’s kinda like 4 days of GEL….if i make it to ted this spring, we can chat IM’s ,gmail, integration, etc again..

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