TED2007: Icons, Geniuses, and Mavericks

ted conference 2007

The highly anticipated list of speakers for the TED2007 conference has been unleashed!!! Check out the list and be prepared to be inspired by these many speakers during soldout TED Conference next March, or over on TEDtalks after the event.

4 Responses to “TED2007: Icons, Geniuses, and Mavericks”

  1. TOMAS Says:

    Very cool! (Which reminds me, I need to add the TED Blog to my RSS reader). So Tango, any chance that you will be attending? (… or am I imagining that you attended in the past?)

  2. tango! Says:

    Yup, i’ve been there for the past 5 years!!! and I’m registered for this year though from my past experience, there are always surprises in my schedule….last year, I didnt think I could go until 12 hrs before it started…what a rush!
    Yes, add the ted blog to your rss….very good stuff.

  3. pedraum Says:

    really looking forward to my first year there this year.

  4. tango! Says:

    hey pedraum..yes, you’ll love TED..it’s kinda like 4 days of GEL….if i make it to ted this spring, we can chat IM’s ,gmail, integration, etc again..

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