5 comments on “DB Fletcher Expanding Table.

  1. Much to my surprise, it looks like the guy is currently located in Paradise Valley (Arizona) which is just north of where I live. It would be cool to see one of these tables in person… of course it would be for personal pleasure as I’m sure that the price tag on one of these is pretty hefty. 🙂

  2. yeah, i’m sure the price tag is $$$$$…only thing about these kind of projects is, it’s just a wow factor….I’m not sure how tiring it would be to show it to EVERYONE that visits.
    I’d like to see this project expand to more than just tables…I’m thinking stairs, doors, bookshelves, etc…

  3. The expanding table costs somewhere between $49,000 and $69,000. Minimum price in English pounds: 25,000. I think I’ll go and pick one up tomorrow! lol.
    Take a look at their website to see the other furniture they make. Personally, I’d love to have one of those tables but unless I win the lottery…..

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