Daily Shirts!

day named shirts

Does each day of the week have its own colour? This question has long intrigued the designer Johanna Balušíková, culminating in the Colour Of The Day project: an investigation into colour associations and their relationships to specific days of the week. A survey was conducted where the following question was posed to 75 creative field workers from 20 different countries: what colour do you associate with each day of the week? The result is a series of t-shirts, one for each day of the week, the colour of each having been selected by majority vote. The shirts could either be worn according to the calendar days, or more intuitively, according to the actual mood of the wearer.

How Cool!!!
via typotheque (has more pictures and ordering info)

Reminds me of Barry Scwartz book “The Paradox of Choice”. I use to own a few pairs of shoes and wore the same one all the time, but after getting a bunch from my shoe design friends, I actually have to think about which shoe to wear now, which is both great and a pain.

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  1. Erica Seipel Says:

    can i buy it.

  2. Erica Seipel Says:

    i like the colors i lke monday’s alot.

  3. Erica Seipel Says:

    I like the colors I like monday’s alot.

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