Tony Robbins

ValleyWag just posted me a reminder about how GREAT Tony Robbins was during TED and they even posted 6 reasons why.

Mark Pincus mentions, “Tony Robbins is an impressive man and a real leader and I’m someone who previously thought he was a cheesy infomercial peddling guy in hawaiin shirts.” Well, guess what, I totally agree. I’ve seen him in infomercials, movies, and other cheesy media gigs, but after meeting this dude, I’m like no wonder he’s known…he’s awesome! So I decided to post his lecture he gave at TED.

I met him backstage right before he went up, watching him memorize his long presentation word for word to each slide (impressive) and met him as I walked by his table. He saw me walk by, stood up, introduced himself to me, stuck his hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Tony” in which my response was “Hi, I’m small” (dudes like 7 feet or something) Anyhow, this guy rocks! Watch Tony’s video here(includes the awesome Al Gore moment), or the rest of the mind-boggling and inspiring TEDtalks here.

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  1. TOMAS Says:

    Hey, that was cool! Any update on the “I ponged Will Wight” shirt? 🙂

  2. tango! Says:

    hehe, for sure, I need to make the design still. But I was thinking of a pixelated side view image of two sim like ppl resembling us two on a brown shirt ponging it out on a table.. and pixlated sim like text stating ” I ponged Will Wright”’ll be my story telling shirt as not too many ppl know who he is, though he is a god!

    Once I make it, or find someone that can for me, I’ll post it!!!

  3. TOMAS Says:

    That sounds like a great idea, it will be quite the conversation starter for sure. 🙂

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