Sitters with a creative touch!!!

creative sitters

“A singer, a dancer, a painter – take your pick, these are just some of the creatives that New York parents can hire as their child’s babysitter for the night. Eugenia Bachaleda, a musician, and Kristina Wilson, a performer, combined their talents to devise Sitters in the City for a modern twist on baby sitting. Both Bachaleda and Wilson enjoyed performing but also loved working with children, and so they found a way to use their artistic talents to inspire and entertain children.The benefits of Sitters in the City work both ways – for actors and artists, it’s a flexible job that combines well with auditions and concert rehearsals. For parents, it’s a fun and creative childcare option that aims to leave children inspired and entertained. Sitters arrive at the customer’s home armed with a ‘tote of toys’ and with an abundance of creative ideas to appeal to every child from bookworm to budding movie star.”
via Springwise

What an awesome idea and service, and at $15/hour, it’s a steal! Adding such incentives to services really make them stick out from the rest of the competition. Think about the services you use daily and how they can be enhanced with such simple changes.

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