World Usability Day 2006

world usability day 2006

It’s World Usability Day, so take the day to think about everything that you use, touch, see, or hear and ask, how can I make it better? Is something broken, confusing, too complex, or just not working?

Whys: You should ask why is the VCR clock never right, why are instructions manual so dang complex to understand, why must batteries switch directions each time, why does some packaging require scissors to open, why does my phone have a ton of feature I can’t use, why are nutrition labels so small, Why is the wireless router such a pain to set up, and why don’t public bathroom doors have foot knobs.

Hows: You should ask yourself how can a grocery bag handle be better, how can cleaning be easier, how can road signs be more useful, how can parking meters be better, how can webpages be easier to navigate, how can driving directions be easily understood, how can emails be easier to sort, how can keyboards improve, or simply, how can I reduce the steps it takes to do something.

Woohoooo for usability!!

4 Responses to “World Usability Day 2006”

  1. Elena Says:

    Hi! I just discoverd your blog! and I liked it a lot!
    I’m adding it to my feeds right now.
    great job! cheers

  2. tango! Says:


    heya..thanks for checking my blog out…it’s fairly new so stay tuned for tons more! Send me any goodies ya find as well.


  3. Frank Says:

    Great website we’ve been following it here in my gallery for a while now! We celebrated Usability Day here at the St. Louis Science Center, too! The local usability organization brought some cool demonstrations: for example, they timed people programming alarm clocks as measure of usability. Good times!

  4. tango! Says:


    heya, thanks for checking my blog out and spreadin the love!
    Thats great to hear about your usability day..I’ll have to time it myself, including all those times I have to redo it on blackouts…I liek those clocks with internal batteries for those moments.

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