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  1. It’s always nice to hear the comments of our city experience, from a non Pittsburgher. We are proud that you enjoyed it and especially the Primanti Bros. sandwich… We have some stuffed shirts once in a while, who want their food groups seperated. We would appreciate if you would forward your address, so we can send you a Primanti cap & t-shirt.


  2. Good summary. I’ve yet to visit but now I’m inspired despite the fact that I’m not a huge Steelers fan.

  3. Michael,
    heya! thanks for the shout out! Be great to get one of your places up here in boston…i’m sure tons of people would love it.. i sent you my info, so i’ll be looking forward to sportin the gear!
    thanks again.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments about our city! By the way, that’s an Allosaurus skeleton at the airport, not a T-rex.


  5. I absolutely love Pittsburgh. Everytime I go there i have to have a Primanti’s sandwhich. They taste great but it is just the experience and tradition that brings me there. And you HAVE to go the one downtown in the strip district. The other newer ones just arent the same. Nice atmosphere’s and good beer on tap choices but just not the same as the original PRIMANTI’S! Also there is a new German bar/pub/club that opened up on the South Side. forget how it is spelled but it sounds like opera house. thats where i thought we were going, but is is something like The Olfenhousen, i am no where close on spelling that right. or any of this grammar punctuation. Bless yall.

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