Maglev Launch Ring

magnetic launch ring

“An enormous ring of superconducting magnets similar to a particle accelerator could fling satellites into space, or perhaps weapons around the world, suggest the findings of a new study funded by the US air force. ”

Yup,this ideas been floating around for years, but it’s finally getting the approval for testing. Be it a package, a satelite to sling into orbit, or worse case scenario a huge project turned into an amazing rollercoaster ride. Perhaps they should collaborate with the Tate Museum slide and make one dreamy magnetic slide cannon much like what arnold zipped down in the movie Running Man. I have great hopes for this project but really hope it doesn’t turn into one of those grand openings where the projections slam right into a clueless birds much like Fabios rollercoaster ride, the bird hit by a baseball, bird slammed by a golfball, a fighter jet, or many other stories that I’ve seen.

via NewScientists

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  1. susie Says:

    your link to bird hit with baseball has a virus!

  2. tango! Says:

    thanks for the note..not sure where the popup/virus was from, but I’ve replaced that link with a Youtube video, which is actually better since they show it in slow mo with some dramatic music. cheers,

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