South Park: War of Warcraft

I had the Best time watching this episode of “SouthPark: WarCraft” making fun of RPG’s(role playing games) filled with very real stereotypes that all you gamers will reflect upon. If your a gamer or just someone that knows a gamer, this is a definite dose of laughter!

Sidenote: It’s amazing how you can find TV episodes online for free the next day, or even minutes after shows are out. Will PVR’s(personal video recorders) like Tivo live on…Will online sales on iTunes work? Do we really need to download shows anymore(bit torrent, kazaa, etc) or will it all be free like most of us like it(daily motion, VeoTag, youtube, google video,(rumors are google might buy Youtube)), and TV’s vanish as online content is there anytime we want with most the ads edited out already? I could go on and on about this topic, so I’ll pause here… but free content rocks!

update: The original video(probably down still) I posted was ripped down for copyright blah blah blah, hence, I spent 10 seconds, and found another one!! Don’t they get it…once it’s out, it’s out…don’t bother…yihawww internet world!

2 Responses to “South Park: War of Warcraft”

  1. Woolard Says:

    I saw this the other night and was rolling by the end. I hope I never get too grizzled to love this show. Oh, and great point about free content. 🙂

  2. tango! Says:

    Andy, yo’s great to have the full show, unlike YouTube which has it broken up into 3 pieces.

    As for the DRM issue..yup, I think music and lots of things should be FREE to some extent…it’s politics, greed,and such things that keep us moving forward for opportunities and understandings. I’m not saying all music should be free, but much like Youtube, Craigslist, etc…if it’s available to the user, you’ll find a revenue model somehow for the good.

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