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  1. eu boto fezes q vcs saum um bando d viadinhus viu???


    ai ai ai!!!

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  3. you can cover it up as much as you like but… you work for a company that sells taurine in your drinks. A chemical that is band throughout most of europe.

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  9. you cant tell me you would prefer your workspace to this?,, a 10 ft cubicle? im quite sure that i see a bar there also..
    you can trash it if u like. and of course theres improvement,, but at least their leading the way with innovative work environments.. 10 years ago, you would think youd only see that in a movie..
    and it seems to work for red bull.. *clap* *clap*

  10. Hey to everyone leaving comments about the wonderful Red Bull HQ in London!

    I have worked for Red Bull for a year and a bit up in bonny Scotland. I have never visited the HQ, but from these pictures, I can see that it is stunning!

    To everyone leaving negative comments about the product, I can inform you that the product was scientifically tested extensively before it was even launched and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it is harmful to the body. It is also proven to work, again through extensive scientific research. To those suggesting it is packed full of sugar… It contains the same amount of sugar as a 500ml glass of Fresh Breakfast Orange juice… I hope I’ve cleared a few things up for people!!!

  11. About the iPod comment.

    Thats the style of the age – you think in the 60’s people ran about going – ugh – why does everything look so sixties.

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  15. hahahaha. the ipod office.

    architects — the snake oil salesmen of the 21st century.

  16. I think their offices are very energetic, which is what Red Bull is all about. Will it look outdated soon? Probably. But then it’s simply time to re-do. Not a complete make-over, but a bit of a fix-up. A good designer will make room for that, will anticipate the need for change as you live in a space and find that some things aren’t working. You have to repaint rooms, right? So what’s the big deal? I like it.

  17. Helllo!!! First things first: Its a great design for an office. Secondly, Is there anyone .. absolutely ANYONE who has contributed their opinions (negative or positive) who works in an office half as funky as this one. Ahem!! I have worked for Red Bull for 2.5 yrs.. and as someone rightly said.. the benefits of the drinks have been proven.. No product can get into the market without enough research and proff.. its basics of businees honey! And .. TAURINE… dear… is a NATURAL ingredient thats found in every human body..!!! :). Besides.. ur talking about Red Bull being banned.. Kellogs is banned in some countries!!

    Bottom line being.. its a super cool design.. it does encourage energy and innovation.. 🙂 🙂

    P.S::: Someone also said somrthing about staff not being in these pictures, Again while taking pictures of sites and designs (be it home spaces, offices, construction sites) one usually does not take it with ppl in them! Cia!

  18. Dear David (from the beggining) why do you think this looks like an ipod? maybe ipod looks like this! I am sick of people refering to the ipod as a revolutionary thing in many ways, becoase it IS NOT!! and that’s it. this is a very original design, and also this type of desing has been invented long before ipod, or apple. so apple copied the style not the other way around…

    btw very nice entirier

  19. i just have to say another thing. great site, but LOTS of aneducated visitors. that’s a shame. maybe you should edit theese coment, just so people would not express their stupidity and how uninformed they are.

  20. I was actually fortunate enough to visit this office for a meeting last year. It really is something else. It felt slightly uncomfortable at first, having to sit inside a glass pod to have a meeting with their Marketing Manager, however once you get use to it, you really begin to enjoy it, the whole atmosphere is just out of this world. Well done to the designers who were responsible for it.

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  23. ooh myy dayssss… a woman that wrks in this office came 2 my wrk in a mini with a big can of redbull attached 2 the back of her car… she told me about this office n how it had a slide in it, my boss laughed and said she wus lying, so i had 2 cum n check it out…… i need 2 wrk 4 red bull, i think its gna b my aim in life…..plzzzzzzzz hire me 🙂
    ps….. i drink like 8 cans of red bull a day…….its the best drink in the world!!!
    manny, 21, wolverhampton

  24. My dad works at red bull and he’s got new cloths it goes early and then
    lates i like my dad on earlys because i get to see him after school.xxx

    love from leigha i love you dad

  25. You should see the red bull cars that are running around alberta…. those of you obsessed enough with red bull would love them…. too bad i got no pics….

    “no, I, uh, I don’t actually drink-”
    “Are you…why are you winking at me?”
    “Oh, that’s just the brain tumor 😀 Probably brought on by not drinking enough red bull while sliding down our slide in an attempt to establish we are a hip, with-it company. So, I repeat: WANT TO GO DOWN THE SLIDE!?!?!”

  27. Went to this office for a meeting yesterday. In answer to the question about fatties getting stuck on the slide, they are no fatties working there, they’re all perfectly formed beautiful human beings – looked more like a fashion show than an office environment. Kind of funky / trendy but I really wonder how much actual work gets done? I overheard one guy (jeans halfway down his arse, tea-towel round his neck) asking someone to stock up the bar as he was going to be drinking till late in the evening?! Plus, the lovely floor tiles are now peeling off and turned up at the edges!

    Then again, I’m not used to the city lifestyle, maybe this is how it all works and i’m just old fashioned!

  28. Nice design, but trying too hard to say it is “cool”. All a little static and nothing reflecting the personality of the people that work there. Give truly creative people the space to do their own thing and the result is an evolving rich tapestry that really does stimulate and inspire! But perhaps the guy with the jeans half way down his arse does not have the imagination and is simply just another victim! At least they are trying, I wish more would.

  29. interesting workplace, i wouldn’t mind having my office look like this!

    david is a smelly pee stain.

  30. Why all the distaste towards slides? Did everyone grow up way too fast such that they’ve forgotten how to have a little childish fun?

    Nothing wrong with acting childish so long as you know when to act like a grown up. There should be slides in every office! WEEEEEEEEEEE!

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  34. totally random but have you ever seen the slide at The Technical University of Munich? It goes 3 stories and apparently it’s slightly terrifying. The design had it as one solid piece, but they couldn’t get it into the building that way and they forgot to build it into the building so they had to cut it.

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