Alison Jackson

alison jackson president bush tony blairIs that George W Bush using Tony Blair as a stepping stool onto a horse?! Well, it may appear so, but this is in fact the magical work of photographer and artists Alison Jackson who creates political and media commentaries through convincing pictures, videos, and installation. Her pieces raise the question of authenticity of the media and what we should and should not believe. The funny part about her work is that rather than initially being only a remark to the media, it became the center of the medias attention, revoking at her for making false image statements, only to counter her artist statement about how the media create several false stories.

Her works has brought a great deal of anger to for many but then again, it does makes many think about believing what they see.  Personally, I love her work, and get a good kick out of a few of them, especially in the TV videos or storefront installations fooling hundreds of passing on-lookers.

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