Motofone f3

motophone f3I’m not the type to usually post on a phones, but I just wanted to say wohooo for Motorola and the first phone using e-paper(e-ink, EPD displays). Besides that, I’ve been waiting for the retro none colored screens to kick back into action. It’s simple, I can read it in the sunlight, it’s not insanely bright, doesn’t seem like a screen, easier on the eyes, and personally I think it’s cool! Also, the features on the phone are of little which just rocks, considering most applications on phones go unused.

There’s something about this motofone f3 that I really like. Then again, I lost a my kick butt colors mobie last year and had a short term replacement with a retro green lit lcd, which I have learned to like, though it does not do much. (The sucker has 1-way text messaging, meaning, you can receive, but you can’t reply, nor do you know who it is from unless they txt that in). Anyhow, this awesome phone is due out soon, and for a sweet $50 or less!!! For more pics, head on over to Mobileburn.

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  1. ken milan Says:

    can’t get answer anywhere! When is the Moto Phone F3c coming to the United States???

    Pls reply to:

  2. saac Says:

    i bought this phone today
    it sucks

    text messaging is almost impossible, i would go as far to say that this phone is only worth having for making and recieving phone calls, which may be just what youre looking for

  3. Ali Says:


    I think you wouldn’t be right!
    MOTOPHONE F3 have the ability of sms massaging.

  4. Clive Says:

    Yes, teh Motofone F3 has the ABILITY to SMS…

    Just, it can only display 6 letters (that’s right, 6 letters!) on screen at a time when writing SMS (or 12 numbers at other times).

    So it almost literally is just a phone for phoning.

  5. Carl Says:

    This phone is unbelievably horrible. i just bought it today. Biggest peice of crap. My only hope is that i can return it. Trust me, do not buy this phone. Its embarrassing how bad it is. When writing Adrian it turns out to be AdRIAN.

  6. sasha Says:

    this pohne is soso
    in the web say that is at color an ringtone with mp3 motorla can mejoret this phone

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