6 comments on “Motofone f3

  1. i bought this phone today
    it sucks

    text messaging is almost impossible, i would go as far to say that this phone is only worth having for making and recieving phone calls, which may be just what youre looking for

  2. Yes, teh Motofone F3 has the ABILITY to SMS…

    Just, it can only display 6 letters (that’s right, 6 letters!) on screen at a time when writing SMS (or 12 numbers at other times).

    So it almost literally is just a phone for phoning.

  3. This phone is unbelievably horrible. i just bought it today. Biggest peice of crap. My only hope is that i can return it. Trust me, do not buy this phone. Its embarrassing how bad it is. When writing Adrian it turns out to be AdRIAN.

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