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  1. yeah, i saw this at CES in las vegas back in january….not sure what to think of it…personally, any extras on a toilet kinda gross me out, kinda like magazines…

  2. ”Their hopes are to make these monthly issues weekly, hence, 6+ issues a week, with a version targeting the male audience soon.”

    Interesting idea, never happened, they have not brought out a thing since JUne. So much for a good idea, they could not even pull it off. They got the market completely wrong, comes from inexperience and not knowing how to take a good idea and make it happen,

  3. Hey Jodie

    Thanks for making a comment, unfortunately you don’t know what you are talking about. We are now licensed in 8 countries including Australia. ILove is still sold in over 400 outlets. Sure we don’t do as many editions as previously thought, but we are still going. Also Channel 10 will soon launch the Biggest Loser on a bottle. I have 20 years experience in launching successful businesses. Yes it is very hard to take an idea and execute it. Wonder what you have done?

  4. This is not a competition, how immature of you. The fact is this: iLove is not for sale anywhere. Your office is no longer, your website inactive, nobody replies to emails. A bogus company. Perhaps the biggest loser on a bottle is indeed iLove.

  5. Apparently Coca-cola is releasing magazine on a diet coke bottle.That would be exciting. Just imagine getting free mag with every coke bottle you buy. I am still researching more info about that. Do you know anything about it Alex?

  6. Wow, really? That would be great because ilove is no longer around and I miss it. Apparently they could not make it work editorially. There have been some rumours circulating though that they have released their volume 8 using rehashed material from previous volumes that did not make it, which makes it very old news.

  7. Hi there
    Actually this last comment from Freddo is correct. I used to work there and recognize some of the unpublished material which I had laid out one year ago (which never went to print) so that information is certainly old! It is also true that there is no editorial dept, from what I understand from people I used to work with there. I think these days they are not as much into making and producing the magazine, but rather the licensing, “patent” etc.

  8. On their amateur website, I read this:

    Fashion & Beauty
    Keep on glowing
    Who ever said we had to bake to have a tan?
    10 looks
    intro to come in here

    haha, what a useless bunch!

  9. I noticed on their brochure on their web page that the logo looked different and amateurishly drawn. Along with some typos and serious design flaws, it looks as if they have not hired a proffessional designer to do the job. I think my son of 10 could have whipped up something more consistent and smart. Deifinitely a very dodgy job, wonder what they are like to deal with?

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