Bong Vodka Artist Series

bong vodka

Bong Vodka has just launched a sensational series of artist bottles in collaboration with several artist. These limited edition bottles and graphic boxes will be available towards the end of August in select cities. If you would like to get involved, and perhaps strut your artistic abilities on these beautiful bottles, head over to Spirit Of The Brand and get involved! Their site has a pretty sweet music cast as well.

I love it when seemingly ordinary objects get artist involved to spicen up their products to new levels of desirability! Theses bottle are plain beautiful and I’ll be craving to get my hands on them once they come out!
(thanks josh)

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  1. Oriental Silk Says:

    Aww! Cool. I’m not big on spending money on alcohol–why bother when you can get someone to buy your drink for you–but I would probably throw down my credit card for these, purely for the joy of owning these bottles. The one with the yellow balloons is my favorite! Yes, I’m such a kid…but I love collecting unusual, original things, and you don’t get much more original than this.

  2. Sylvister Says:

    dude that looks bad ass man i wnat one so bad!!!!!

  3. Sylvister Says:

    dude where can i buy one at!!!!!!!!! MAn i want one so BAD!!!!! i am like so excited someone made something like this!!

  4. Sylvister Says:

    Put on your ad how much they cost because my school has a proxy on their computers

  5. Kristy Says:

    I love these so much!!! Yeah the one with the yellow balloons is my fav too, but they are all cool. Good job guys.

  6. Rebekka Says:

    Aaaah! I love it 🙂 How can I get them? I need the yellow ballons 🙂

  7. super stoner Says:

    haaayyyy its a “tobacco” water pipe NOT THAT BABY IS FOR RIPPN SOME DANK

  8. james Says:


  9. Sweet Igy Says:

    OMG..!!!i want that bottles so bad…they are so fricking gorgeus..!!!!

  10. Aarti Says:


    Could you please tell how i can order one of these for myself please?

  11. Quaff » Vodka Bong Says:

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