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nostalgic.techI’ve always questioned if technology and electronics would become nostalgic, where electronics, laptops, cell phones, mp3 players would be kept for longer than say two years. In todays society, electronics are thrown away not only because they are behind in technology, but for their looks.(little dings here and there) I was reminded of this question when I saw this post here, about how a scratched up Sony camera actually looked cool, how it had a splendid patina look. In this rare case, a dinged up electronic actually had a good emotional response from someone, much like a beat up leather jacket, worn out ripped jeans, overly wrinkled fashionable shirts, a used baseball glove, a wooden old ladder, a dirty but huggable teddy bear, etc.  As Russell Davies says in his post, “One of the things I hate about the design of most things, especially most electronic things, and definitely most automotive things, is they’re all designed to be new. They’re all at their best when you buy them and they get worse the second you remove them from the packaging.”
So, what’s the solution to this, is there a need for nostalgic electronics, should electronics be made to have more meaning?… I’m not sure, it’s just a thought. I use to think soft materials would add this meaningful value but from what I know, the only integrated soft electronic is this sleek porsche like vertu ascent phone for $5,000. It’s strange how tons of people buy soft cases for their gadgets…. are consumers saying something companies are not realizing? 😉

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] I’ve mentioned previously (nostalgic technology) how tech products are not lasting, and currently only look their best until you open the package, hence millions end up in landfills yearly. I questioned how electronics can become more nostalgic or wear in to become better, much like leather jackets, teddy bears, old jeans, baseball gloves, leather wallets, handmade furniture, etc. I personally want to see soft materials injected into electronics, much like the recent Asus leather notebooks, or expensive Vertu Cell phones! […]

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