Bodega Boston- Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

So, I was shopping online for some Maharishi cloths I posted about, and ended up emailing the company to find out where I could get some of their goods. They ended up introducing me to a place called Bodega in Boston, which I had never heard of. I found out this high-end fashion store was somewhat hidden inside a soda machine, inside a thrifty little convenient store, with no signs. So as you are probably thinking, bizarre right. Well, my first drive by, I saw a convenient store, but thought nothing of it, and went back home and just said another day. Well, today I was in the area again, and decided to go into the convenient store. At first it was locked, but a stylish person came out to greet me and said they were closed, and I asked if I could just take a quick peek. “Sure, come on in.” Ok.. I see some fritos, detergent, spam, toilet paper, some candy, and a soda machine…. If you don’t mind hearing the surprise experience, read on.

The lady at the counter just said, step up to the machine. The soda machine slide into the wall and WOOooooaaaaa… I was in another lighted dimension, an upbeat, sophisticated, stylish, hidden store right before my eyes filled with sneakers, shirts, jackets, caps, belts, accessories, and a really friendly crew of people. I quickly made my round since they were closed, and ended up chatting with two of the owners who commented on my fresh kicks(pumas). What an incredible experience and fresh idea. I felt like Willy Wonka for a second. Anyhow, I ran back home and found a great interview and article on Bodega with several images here. This is a definite MUST VISIT no matter what style your cravin. Thank you Bodega for being such geniuses and freshing up the Boston scene for sure! How incredible!!! If there’s any lesson to be learned, it’s to break rules of tradition, and just make experiences rock! Bodega website

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  1. raekwon lindsay Says:

    i heard about the store reading complex magazine so this summer while i was returning from cape cod i decided to stop in boston and check it out i too rode by the place twice i had the addresss written down so i knew i was at the right place so i got out walked and there was someone in the lobby on a computer i looked areound and then the door slid open the people there are freindly and they had alot of hot stuff needless to say i left there with the three freshest things they had. the robot is just ill i.m from detroit so i.m killing them here. check out my closet on myspace i.m about 600 pairs deep

  2. Boston Knucklehead Says:

    the whole concept behind this store is genius. Those dudes got it down right when they launched this gig.

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