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tedtalksFor the first time ever, the exclusive invite-only TED conference experience, which I’ve posted about several times, is launching TEDtalks which is a free video and audio series of some of the best TED speakers for everyone in the world to see and hear. TED is a journey of some of the most mind-provoking idea gatherings in the world which is limited to 1,000 people each year but is now spreading some their love through this new chapter. I’m extremely happy that TED decided to add this feature as every time I return from the TED conference I ramble for endless enthusiastic months to my friends about it. Attending TED is like no other conference and a heaven of ideas for anyone to experience. Though the speakers talks are only a portion of the magical safari, TEDtalks is a first step in sharing the real magic of captivating, igniting, and making real world changes that keeps this community so compelling. Go check it out, get inspired, and start spreading the idea virus! (Sir Ken Robinson on creativity is a must watch video!)
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5 Responses to “TED Talk!”

  1. Lin Caveney Says:

    Hey! Any ideas what might have gotten you an invite to TED?
    Take care.

  2. tango! Says:

    If your interested in getting an invite, simply go to their website, fill out a “invite” request, let them know why you should be invited, cross your fingers, and wait… though, from what I know, 2007 tickets are sold out.

  3. Lin Caveney Says:

    Oh thanks! Did you still have to pay after the invite?

  4. tango! Says:

    yes, you’ll still have to pay…but the invite is the tougher part in getting.. otherwise, the price is worth every penny in most cases.
    if you are invited to speak, or show something, you can get in free then.

  5. aarts Says:

    Hey, glad you made it to ted last year…sounds like a great experience.
    how do you feel that tedtalks are now available for everyone to listen to? does it diminish your experience or the exclusivity of your experience?
    thanks and cheers.

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