Robert Leonetti: doublechair


“Already beautiful, already essential, Doublewide legitimizes the elegance that already exists within the simple steel folding chair. A subtle change in proportion alters its character, subtly shifting typologies. It is now slightly more formal, more intimate. It moves from the meeting hall to the living room. What was a public banality to accomodate a singular person is grown to accept a couple in a more private setting.”
via designboom

2 Responses to “Robert Leonetti: doublechair”

  1. Robert Chung Says:

    how do i buy one of these doublewide chairs by Robert Leonetti?

  2. tango! Says:

    you know, I wish i knew, but as far as i know, it was a piece in the museum,(Moma) and probably did not work that well. I’m sure you can find an artist or manufacture willing to make it for the right price.

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