2 comments on “Gregory Colbert: Animal Copyrights Foundation

  1. With all due respect, I think Colbert is a total, not partial, crank. Why not include flowers and insects? Does he honestly think that advertisers would voluntarily tithe 1% of their media budgets to support his kooky foundation? See this for what it is: grandiosity. The business world is to kneel at Colbert’s hem and give HIS foundation billions. Please.

  2. I saw Ashes and Show at the Nomadic Museum while it was out here in Santa Monica.

    It was interesting to see different reactions from people. My roommate thought it was pretentious and contrived and didn’t stay long. My sister thought it was inspired and sensitive and got all teary eyed. Personally I had a relaxing hour in a cool space that was complemented with relaxing imagery and music – what else could you ask for to sure a friday night hangover.

    Love the blog Tango, you’ve got a great habit of picking off the ripest fruit of the web.


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