popurlsI’ve been using Popurls for the last few days and must say it’s a great little tool for the web. Popurls is much like an rss feed that merges several dynamic content driven sources into one simple easy to read page. These sources include the best of Flickr, Youtube, Digg, del.icio.us, google news, slashdot, odeo, and a few others. The titles also have roll-over blurbs detailing the articles. If you don’t end up using PopUrls, I’d also highly suggest Bloglines, which is an incredible time saver for you blog readers.

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] Ooooo Cool. TheWebList.net is another hive minded dashboard to save us humans more internet hours! Inspired by the very lovable PopURLS.com website I posted about before. […]

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