Water as Fuel…woa!

water as fuel video A must watch video!

Another video to follow from 1998, Water Power Car.
I’m a huge advocate for greener cars but my question is where are they? These videos are 8 years old. I’d pay well over 100k for a car now that just needed water as fuel. Hopefully I’ll see them soon, cause we need them. If your not motivated, you should watch the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

update: another water as fuel invention Daniel Dingel of the Philppines has been trying to get made for 30 years!!!

Update: Yet another option, air as fuel car, yes, I said AIR!!!

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] Personally, my optimistic curious mind believes there is a solution for free energy, but then again, I think when it’s discovered, all hell will break loose. Anyhoots, check out the brief videos and form your own opinions… As far as I know, we could have had cars fueled by water many years ago, but freaking patents, politics, and oil tycoons own these great inventions, hence they will squeeze every penny they can before letting us all have it.via Techeblog […]

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