Black Toilet paper?!

I’m not sure about black toilet paper for the trendy and stylish. From my design knowledge, people like to know, know how dirty they are. Admit it, you look!!..There’s a reason why toilet paper, towels, and tissue paper are white. You sneeze, and you look…you wipe and you look! Dyson revolutionized the vacuum by letting us know and see how much stuff we picked up. People enjoy the fact that they just vacuumed up a big ball of dirt.

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] This reminds me that seeing dirt or even making things dirtier before we clean then can be good. Dyson made us all happy by letting us see what we vaccumed up with a clear collector. Toilet paper is white, letting us see when we are clean. Hands are considered dirty when they have crap on them, but bacteria is transparent, and not many acknowledge this. We need a soap that just stains your whole hand until you scrub for at least 8 seconds.(Yar, I’m looking at my keyboard now…time to clean it) […]

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