Trends by Google!


Trends by Google. It’s about time this came out! Instant knowledge of whats hot in the Google search world instantly. I’m assuming it’s dynamic with a bit of a lag for processing, but either way, it rocks and is a killer for marketing researchers!

Google Trends 

2 Responses to “Trends by Google!”

  1. Norman H. Says:

    It’s kinda lame, Aaron. It gives you cities and mostly out of date news articles. I remember checking it out when it launched, but forgot about it til I went into your archives. Am I missing something?

    (GREAT blog by the way … love love love)


  2. tango! Says:

    hey man, long time no hear.
    I’ve just been craving for google to make this info public…i’m sure they have a real time dynamic feed at their headquarters, but if they let us in on the power..who knows…I have hopes..

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