I’ve always been facinated how certain brands replace product names, such as Coke=soda, Kleenex=tissue paper, sharpie=permanent marker, ipod=mp3 player, etc. I’ve noticed in todays tech world that powerful brands also replace our everyday verbs. When a brand replaces a noun or verb in our mindsets, then it becomes a brand Sneezer(a brand that spreads fast and becomes ridiculously powerful!)
Here’s my short list of brands that have replaced a few of my everyday verbs!
Google= search/find
Tivo= record
Xerox= copy
Ebay= sell(maybe buy or advertise)
Fedex= mail (with quality)
Kazaa= download

?= shop (maybe amazon someday)
?= email (maybe gmail soon)

3 Responses to “BrandVerbs!”

  1. KAI Says:

    I’ve got one for u, “Tupperware” for container used to store food… at least thats how it goes in singapore…

  2. tango! Says:

    thats true, though thats a product thats more of a noun…
    Tupperware- food container
    Sharpie- permanent marker
    Kleenex- tissur paper
    the list goes on and on….
    thanks for pointing this one out.

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