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  2. Aplauding your expertise, your a blessed, humbled, motivated, and well reconized now for a brilliant idea!
    I’ve been wanting to complete one of my projects with a magnet that’s soft.
    That’s how I found you!!
    I tried grinding hard magnets till there in tiny grains ” almost like powder ” but, the strength dissappeared when the magnet was crumbled ” I did’nt know that could happen til that day” .

  3. Tell me how to be apart of you alls world ?,
    How can I get some?, and how soon?, and how many?, and for the cost?

  4. I received some as samples a few yrs back via inventables.com. Contact Geltec (link above) I think they have a “samples” section…. i’m not sure who they give sampels to, but give it a try.

    What are you needing them for..what is your application.

  5. So How Can I get some magnets?, here’s my yahoo ID and email address, it’s all the same : carl.coley@yahoo, you know the rest lol…
    Would you take a postoffice money order?, or are you set up to use a Visa Card?.
    Or Would they be just given to me because you think i’m a Nice fella, 🙂 .

  6. sorry, but i just have the few examples that I receeived…contact Geltec and ask them for some samples or see if they will sell ya any…from what i hear, they use it for medical beds or something.

  7. I’m trying out new idea’s with plastic and magnets, If it works, i’ll be happy to continue to make them for everyone .
    I did’nt finish college at any major school with a degree, something like a Jr College that don’t apply to my everday living standards. lol
    I’m a Mr. Mom and work 7 days , I’m always day dreaming about that perfect break I need to have a successfull lifestyle lol.

  8. Yeah, are the Samples free?, or, do you just pay for your shipping and handling?, yah know?, it sounds like you were right there and picked your Samples up the day of the Siminar, were you? and do they really feel like gummy Bears?

  9. samples free..i have no clue..contact Geltec.
    Gummy..yes, very gummy, like a gummy bear but even softer..now the power is not that strong. It sticks to metal, but dont expect it to act like those neo super magnets. Its not as weak as thos magnet biz cards, but it’s not much stronger.

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