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braile graffitti

It’s been an awfully busy month with projects, some ping-pong action, lots of lectures, and a few great conferences coming up (GEL, Art Center). Sorry for the lack in posting, but please keep sending in goods.

Thought of the week: You never know what your good at unless you try doing it.
What the world eats by culture.
Is Wholefoods becoming the Hybrid SUV, and victims in their own success?
Very eerie…virtual face follows your cursor.
A hilarious Blog on photoshop disasters!
Pop-up alphabet book!
Solar Film reaches 19.9% efficiency/transfer! Awesome! , a visual dig of creative images.
Ping Pong flopping skill madness!
A pretty nifty label made to remember what wine you liked!

book stool arik levy sustainable

Sweet goodness! A simple DIY stool by Arik Levy, utilizing those many magazines ya’ll have to make pretty sweet looking solid stools. Stools are made from wood, as are magazines, so why not make a stool from magazines! Even rip middle portions of the inside pages to make it a bit more comfy… I dunno, I’ll have to try!

I really want to make an adjustable functional shelf stool from this idea. A stool and magazine rack all in one. Grab your pens, start sketching!

via Dwell