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Wooden Mirror Daniel Rozins Wooden Mirror magically reflects your own pixelated image back to you by programming wooden chips to angel at different levels based on the amount of light you are reflecting. This is one of those “physical pixelation” projects that I like sooooo much. I had the chance to interact with it and it’s uber-tastic. In fact, it’s actually hard to tell what the image is since your so close to it, but the lovely part is the nostalgic flickering of wooden panels playing an orchestrated tune based on your movements. Sounds like those train old school train ticker panels.

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Daniel Rozin

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Loftcube is a pretty sweet project done by Werner Aisslinger. The idea behind the Loftcube is a portable customized living space that stations on top of roofdecks with unbelievable views. There are a bunch of really beautiful elements within this space that are worth checking out. (personally I liked the bathroom section) The site has a pretty nice presentation along with some chill happening music.loftcube


Fire is such a magical event…you stare, stare, and stare…forever..and along with an amaaazzzzing environment, it just makes you sooooo relaxed.
If you ever get the chance, go down to Providence RI for their enchanting “waterfire” events, packed full of eclectic people, mystic music, crackling wood fires, yummy street food, and at times, fireworks, jazz festivals, and outside dance floors. It’s a definite experience like no other thats free every few weeks during the summer.waterfire